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Many companies forget to train the people who actually do the day to day work, and by doing that increasing the likelihood of doing the same error again and again.

One CEO to another - "I will not train and invest money in my employees, because what if I train them and they leave"

Then the other CEO replied - "What if you don´t and they stay?"

Remember: "Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don´t want to!"

Day to day training, will sharpen your employees and make them feel that they are wanted - but more important it will make them perform better and improve bottom line!

Expert advises and training tailored to each customers work processes - and adding the extra layer to your employees knowledge base, in order for them to know what to do and what to avoid.


Combine contract negotiation from various companies in to one! Contract negotiation is certainely about experience and knowing the market - not something you do in-between a million other things.

I have been doing contract negotiation for strategic purchasing, repair management, PBH, single sources, OEM´s and MRO´s and overtime I have managed to make the contracts just a little better due to my experience and market knowledge. Knowing that if you take the negotiation process seriously - the result will be savings years ahead.

Just send the contract and I will read and comment it. What is good and what is not so good - all advises are of course 100% "independent".

No strings attached, full confidentiality.

Sometimes all it needs, is another persons set of eyes to reveal improvements. My expertise  together with your knowledge will most certainly result in a better and sharper contract.

Setting up the right logistic structure is important for the future of a company. Why not do the right way the first time and save problems later.

Where and what to buy is always the question. With many suppliers today offering the "same" service it is hard to choose. Do not make the same mistake as others - ask me before making the big decision.


Overviewing all details in a busy workday, can be a hard thing to handle - why not ask for some assistance for a shorter period in order for you or your department to keep track on the more important things in your day to day work?

Getting more ATR´s or is this your first one? There are many decisions that needs to be done, either way. Why not let me assist - it can be done remotely or directly at your facility, that is all up to you. ATR spares expert knowledge is just a phone call away - some times it can be too expensive to gain your own experience doing try and error.

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21 years of ATR Experience, with everything related to spares, logistics, PBH, man-power and contract negotiations at hand! Neutral advise - what is best for YOUR company.

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