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Gain experience by true education.

How do you get access to 21 years of ATR experience without paying what is equal to the value of an ATR?

- You do not need all the hazel with employment regulations, pension etc.

Please see below, and choose what is most convenient for you.


ATR4ALL will use all its expertise in order to assist the Customer with choosing the correct decision with regards to the assigned task.

ATR4ALL will always be on the Customers side - and will present the offers found, and recommend what is best for the Customer.

  • No Money between the Vendor/supplier and ATR4ALL.
  • No Commission.
  • No expensive middle man.
  • 21 Years of ATR experience.


The Consultant from ATR4ALL, will act as representative for the Customer, during the agreed period.

The Consultant will find an negotiate prices on parts/contracts, which the Customer has asked the Consultant to locate or negotiate.

The Consultant will then present the price(s), Certificate(s) and/or other relevant information with regards to part in subject to the Customer. (Price vs. Quality vs. Lead time vs Service)

The Customer will then, if they find the part(s) acceptable, send the chosen supplier(s) an agreement (Purchase order, Loan – or exchange order). This is a direct transaction between the Customer and the Supplier.

Not limited to find parts......

The Consultant will look at the last two years of usage from the operator - and suggest possible improvements.

The Consultant will also be looking at your repair costs - making sure that you are getting value for money, and your exchange partners - can they be improved?

Strategic purchasing is a valid and well documented way of saving money and time - why not use the experience from ATR4ALL to improve yours?

It has never been more easy to hire so much expertise - easy to use and easy to end.


6 Months / 10 hours / Euro 1.995,- per month (Flexible hours)

The Consultant will provide 10 hours every month to the Customer. The Customer can use these hours as they find fit, but with relation to issues with the ATR aircraft and /or ATR logistics.

The provided hours can be used over a periode of 3 months, meaning that the Customer can use 15 hours in one month and only 5 hours the next month. At the end of every 3 months, all hours will be reseted.

6 Months/ 5 hours / Euro 1.595,- per month.

As above - just with 5 hours a month.

Ad-Hoc basis or Long term assignements 

Call, Send a message (below), E-mail, Skype or WhatsApp - and we will work something out - flexibility and cost savings are in focus!


By signing a 6 months contract, ATR4ALL will guarantee that the cost savings (present and future) will be higher than the actually fee you have paid ATR4ALL! Should that not be the case, then ATR4ALL will refund* the difference between the actually savings and your actually fee. HOW SIMPLE IS THAT!

*It is a two way street - if you do not use ATR4ALL´s knowledge and let ATR4ALL work with your data/contracts, it is hard to make any savings. So if you do not give ATR4ALL something to work with ATR4ALL cannot make savings - and then ATR4ALL will not refund anything. In other words, NO WORK - NO REFUND ;-)


- replace your purchasing department, the only way WE can improve, is if we work together! Therefore a close relationship between your local experts in your purchasing department is highly needed in order to succeed.

- receive any hidden commission from any of the suppliers chosen! (please see the GLOBAL COMPACT page)

- reviel any Customer information given in confidence, to other persons or companies.


    Tel: + 45 20 70 14 44

    6400 Sonderborg, Denmark.




For contact, please fill out the boxes on the right, or simply e-mail me on, and I will get back to you asap.

  Tel: + 45 20 70 14 44



21 years of ATR Experience, with everything related to spares, logistics, PBH, man-power and contract negotiations at hand! Neutral advise - what is best for YOUR company.

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